What Styles Work Best for What Vehicles?

April 11, 2018

black pick up truck with a barb wire flames decal

When it comes to finding the perfect graphic for your vehicle, you need a combination of design and personality. Something that reflects who you are and what your vehicle stands for. And you also need to make sure the graphic style is right for your vehicle before purchasing. To find out what styles work best for what vehicles, here’s a simple-to-use guide for choosing your next graphics.

Car and Truck Vinyl

When you have a car or truck, a wrap can really give it the attention it deserves. Full-colour vinyl half wraps like our American flag decal will cover the entire side of your vehicle and show everyone just how proud you are. If you want to just decorate only the side of your car or truck, our side decals also provide the style you want while accenting your stunning paint job at the same time.

Semi-Truck Graphics

When you’re driving a transport truck, the best way to show everyone who’s boss is with a large, badass decal. These types of decals spread across the door up onto the outside of the bunk. Since you have a big canvas to work with, we recommend showing off your patriotic style with a star-studded graphic. We also sell hundreds of spear designs that create wave-like graphics down the entire side of your truck.

Big Boat Decals

Beyond your boat’s name, it needs something more to distinguish it from the others. You can add your own personal touch by applying a big boat decal. At Xtreme Digital GraphiX, we offer a number of styles specially designed for boats. Our favourites include the shark boat graphics and the tear graphics that make your hull look like it’s carrying either skulls, dragons, or even pieces of the American flag. If you have a race boat, we have a number of awesome decals that feature checkered flags.

Vehicle Hood Designs

When you’re designing your hood, you want something that will pop and make a lasting impression. You want the decal to be big enough but not too much that it takes over the whole hood. That’s why we recommend hood styles that place the image toward the front of the hood. That way you get all eyes on your vehicle when you’re driving through the streets. Some of our favourite designs include the winged skull decals, the cobra and the big grim reaper.

Tailgate Decals

Don’t just show people how badass your truck is - make them believe it. Stand out with a custom vinyl tailgate decal with attitude. Check out our collection of skulls, rattlesnakes, joker skulls and patriotic flags.

Sport Model Graphics

If your car is fast like a race car, why not make it look like one? We feature a number of racing decals for your sports vehicle. Aurora checkered flags, backfire classic flames, and barbwire flames are just some of the amazing graphics that will show everyone just how wild you really are.

Your vehicle is your pride and joy. So when you’re ready to show it off and give it some personality, we have you covered at Xtreme Digital GraphiX. Our selection of top quality decals come in a variety of sizes and styles so that you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle model. Check out our online selection today to see everything we have to offer.

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