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Stand Out on the Water with Custom Boat Wraps

August 16, 2018

dark image of a person installing a red decal on a boat

If you want to turn heads when you’re out on the water, you need an eye-catching vinyl wrap for your boat. Here at Xtreme Digital Graphix, we offer custom full-boat wraps that are designed to make your boat stand out on the lake. Once you’ve seen a boat wrap designed by us, you’ll never settle for anything less again. Find out why here!

Superior Quality

You and your boat deserve the best wrap money can buy. When you purchase from Xtreme Digital Graphix, you’ll receive a superior quality, custom-made wrap that is made with the highest-grade vinyl and laminate materials on the market.

Vivid Life-Like Graphics

When you want your boat to stand out on the lake, you need a striking life-like graphic that will turn heads. Our full-boat wraps come with a smooth, bright, and ultra-glossy finish that will give your boat a fresh new look.

Specialized Vinyl

We only use the most durable vinyl on the market that is specifically manufactured for boats — Orajet 3951. This high-performance vinyl is specially designed for long-term outdoor application and printed using advanced printing technology. Our full-wraps also come with a specialized laminate that creates a protective UV resistant layer that will keep your wrap looking like the day you applied it, no matter what the conditions are out on the water.


Every boat is different in size and style. That’s why our wraps can be easily modified to fit your boat. All you need to do is measure, chose the size that will fit, and then trim the wrap to customize it as you like. And if you need the size modified, just let us know, all our wraps are custom made per order!

More For Your Money

Nothing compares to our pricing. When you purchase with Xtreme Digital Graphix, you’ll get much more than you paid for — two full wraps as well as a free squeegee to help make the application a breeze.

We have been designing and printing boat wraps for more than 15 years, which is why we’re number one in the industry. No matter what type of boat you own, we can wrap it! Check our selection online today!

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