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How to Choose the Right Car Decal for You

blue vinyl cut tribal comet decal on a white hatchback car

Are you ready to add a little something extra to your vehicle to make it stand out on the road? Car decals are always the best way to infuse some personality to your ride without needing to do anything extreme or over-the-top, like a new paint job. At Xtreme Digital GraphiX, we design all of our decals with the highest-quality products – from the design all the way to production. With our wide selection of graphics, we guarantee that you’ll find just what you’re looking for. And even if you don’t know exactly what that is just yet, we’re here to help! Here’s how to choose the right car decal for you.

What Theme Do You Love?

First off, we recommend spending some time thinking about the type of theme you’re attracted to. Do you love the idea of having a patriotic American flag, badass skulls, flames, both, or maybe something else? If you’re unsure about what type of image you’re after, we have thousands of eye-popping graphics to choose from. Just hop onto our online library and take a look through our different decal categories to determine what style and look you’re into.

What Colour Will Suit Your Vehicle

After looking through the online selection of decal graphics, you should have at least a few favourites that are potential options for your ride. But before you make your final decision, take some time to consider how the colours of the graphic will look alongside the colour of your vehicle. You may love that bold chrome skull, but if your ride is a clashing colour, it may not stand out as much as you’d hoped it would. So always remember to think about how the colour of the decal will look when it’s placed up against the paint job of your vehicle.

What’s the Right Size

The size is equally as important. Wherever you plan to apply the decal will make a big difference in how the final product looks. That's why we create specialized custom decals that are made to fit certain vehicles and their specific parts. Whether it’s for the tailgate of your truck, the hood of your car, or the side of your boat, make sure to determine your exact sizing before ordering.

Not sure how to choose the right car decal for you? Be sure to consider these main points to help narrow down your options. And if you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us! Give us a call or send an email, and our team at Xtreme Digital GraphiX will be glad to help you out!

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