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If you’re the lucky owner of a boat, there’s every reason to make it stand out on the water. Having a sleek and speedy watercraft means things are going to get wet, so when it comes to boat wraps, you need quality that can last for years to come.

That’s where we can help! We have a selection of high-quality vinyl boat wraps that are made using specialized laminate finishes to make their designs stand out for the right reasons. Whether you’re all about that classy woodgrain look or want to go for something more vibrant like our checkered flag graphic, there’s something for everyone.

Browse our collection of boat wraps below:

We have a wide range of styles in stock, including the ever-patriotic American flag pattern, camouflage graphics, and much more! If you’re curious about how these designs fare on and off the water over the years, take a look at our customer reviews — these wraps are built to last, and the satisfaction of many a happy boater who’s ordered from us proves it! You can also check out our Customer Gallery for real shots of our boat wraps installed and in action.

That said, you’re probably wondering how our boat wraps can actually weather many years of waves, sunlight and water temperature changes. The magic happens in the way we print and laminate them as well as the materials used.

Our boat wraps are made using high-quality Orajet 3951G vinyl (3951RA is used for vehicles) for the most stunning finish and longest-lasting application, which is printed using a cutting-edge Eco solvent Roland Printer. Using a special adhesive, it’s a breeze to apply and re-apply your wrap as needed for the best results! And yes, you can achieve the same great results using wet or dry methods.

If you’re unsure about whether our wraps will fit your boat, don’t worry — it’s easy to figure out! Simply measure your hull and choose a wrap size that matches it. You can then customize and trim it at the time of the install to ensure it fits perfectly — we have a video guide to help you with that. Please check out our boat wrap installation video guide (or you can hire a wrap installer in your area). Your kit will come complete with wraps for the port and starboard sides as well as a special squeegee to make application easier for you — just unroll and apply!