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What's So Special About Vinyl Decals?

What's So Special About Vinyl Decals?

We’re all familiar with stickers and how they are used - the process is also similar for vinyl stickers that can be used on your vehicles. But for vinyl decals there’s a special process involved that creates more flexibility and durability compared to similar materials. If you’re wondering what’s so special about vinyl decals, here are just a few of the reasons that make them the number one choice for vehicle and boat designs.

Durable Base

The base material differs between a vinyl decal and a sticker. Stickers use a paper base whereas decals use a vinyl base. Vinyl is much more durable and long lasting when exposed to the harsh elements.

Chemical Treatment

Decals use a chemical treatment to increase the degree in which the ink binds onto the vinyl. This process gives the decals ultimate flexibility and water resistance needed for vehicle application.

Strong Adhesive

Both vinyl decals and stickers use adhesives, but decals use much stronger and more expensive adhesives designed for outdoor use. This ensures that they are long lasting and won’t easily bubble or peel.

Separate Pieces

A sticker is all one solid piece that’s printed digitally. If you peel off the paper backing the entire piece comes off together. This makes it difficult to apply a big design to your vehicle, and can have lots of issues with bubbles and corners. A decal on the other hand, has all individual pieces that are separate underneath a transfer tape. So you instead transfer from one medium to another as opposed to just removing the backing paper and applying one sticker. There is no background with a decal, which helps produce such a high quality result and image.

Unparalleled Finishes And Textures

The kind of finishes and textures you get from a decal is unparalleled. Compared to a sticker, a vinyl decal will look much richer, more vivid and life-like. And there are many types of finishes and gradients you can choose from, like carbon fibre and chrome, to give your decal a more customized look.

Protective Laminate

Vinyl decals are often finished with an extra layer of protection. This coating of UV laminate further guarantees that the quality and long-lasting ability of the image to look just like the day you bought it.

Vinyl decals are a special graphic that can give your vehicle a killer look. When you’re ready to enhance the look of your ride, talk to us at Xtreme Digital Graphix. We specialize in custom vehicle graphics for your car, truck, semi, or boats. Get the best in vinyl quality cut decals and superior design work every time!

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