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American bald eagle semi decals #1

Who says that semis can’t have some unique personality and charm? With our American Flag Eagle Talons Semi Decals, we say you can!

These star-studded graphics are printed using the state of the art Eco solvent printer and the best quality vinyl that we can get our hands on. With this specialized air-release liner oracle Orajet vinyl, you never have to worry about aggravating air bubbles getting trapped under your decal since it’s specifically designed to prevent air from getting trapped.

We also use a specialized adhesive for application that can be repositioned as many times as you need to. So if the first few times turned out crooked, just peel it back and re-adjust it until it’s just right. You don’t have to worry about causing any damage to your decal or your semi during the process.

Each of our graphic decals are crafted with high quality Oraguard 290g 2 mill laminating film that creates a durable, eye-popping image that is guaranteed to spice up your semi ride. Our products carry a lifespan of 7 years, along with a durable cast film that can last an additional 8 years, and a UV protection extensor coating that will extend the image for an additional 4 years! So don’t be surprised if your decal outlasts your semi!

Wondering about installation? Here at Xtreme, we’ve made the installation process as easy as possible. Every order comes with two decals for either side of the vehicle, along with an application mask that can be installed immediately once you receive it. An application squeegee is also included to make the process even better so you can smooth it on and ensure your decal looks flawless. Sizes 5ft - 7ft will not be cover with the installation mask as there too big to cover.

If you would like step-by-step guidance, you can refer to our installation instructions or check out our videos that are linked directly from our website. These can assist you through the entire process and have it completed in no time.

The American Flag Talons Semi Decals are the perfect addition to your semi if you’re eager to add some homegrown flair to it.

When you order from Xtreme Digital GraphiX, you can feel confident in the outstanding products we deliver, along with an application process that’s easy, straightforward and hassle free.

Order your graphic decal today or browse through our large collection to find the perfect fit for your semi!